Article 1: Applicability

This internship regulation is applicable to all offers, assignments and agreement of Georgette’s Coaching & Consulting Services, hereafter referred to as Stagebureau Sint Maarten, whereas this applies to the collaboration with students concerning counselling and mediation as part of the internship-activities.

Stipulations deviating of this agreement are solely valid if confirmed in writing by Stagebureau Sint Maarten.

Stagebureau Sint Maarten gives substance to her mission in all her activities:  Stagebureau Sint Maarten is thé facilitating organisation for all services related to internships and graduation assignments on Sint Maarten. In performing her mission, Stagebureau Sint Maarten carries a responsibility towards students, study organisations and organisations providing the internships.

Article 2: Definitions

“Applicants”: Every natural person who is registered as a student and is receiving an education at an officially recognized educational institute in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (MBO, HBO, WO) and is registered at Stagebureau Sint Maarten with the intent of having an internship by mediation and/ or facilitation of Stagebureau Sint Maarten.

“Intern”: Every natural person who is registered as a student and is receiving an education at an officially recognized educational institue in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (MBO, HBO, WO) and is registered at Stagebureau Sint Maarten with the intent of having an internship by mediation and/ or facilitation of Stagebureau Sint Maarten.

“Principal”: Every natural or legal person who through mediation of Stagebureau Sint Maarten will be supplied with one or more interns.

“Vacancy”: The description of an available internship at the given principal.

“An internship”: The agreement between intern, principal and Stagebureau Sint Maarten, in which is described on what basis the intern will execute an internship assignment, through mediation and/ or facilitation of Stagebureau Sint Maarten.

Article 3: Registry at Stagebureau Sint Maarten

All registrations of applicants have to be registered through the registration form provided at our website: All details need to be registered according to honest and full disclosure. Registration is non-binding. No rights can be derived from any registration.

Stagebureau Sint Maarten maintains the right to decline any application(s), without having to explain this further, if they see any grounds for this.

Applicant who have come in contact with legal authorities and/ or the justice department are obliged to notify Stagebureau Sint Maarten | Curacao of this upon registry.

Article 4: Presentation of applicants towards principal(s)

Stagebureau Sint Maarten will make an effort to find applicants a fitting internship at Sint Maarten. To this end Stagebureau Sint Maarten will present applicants to potential principals. All proposals and/ or nominations of applicants are without commitment and always based on the actual interest of the applicant in any particular vacancy.

The applicant is expected to be available for any internship that the applicant has been presented for.

The applicant will only have a contract with the principal, of whom a vacancy has been presented, in accordance with the initially agreed form of contract of stagebureau Sint Maarten. For this the conciliation- and guidance fee is always applicable.

 Article 5: Accepting an internship

After presentation of an applicant and a positive response of the principal an internship agreement will be drafted by Stagebureau Sint Maarten. In this agreement all specific agreements regarding the internship will be established. After the signing of the contract by both parties involved and the payment of the fee owed to Stagebureau Sint Maarten the agreement is binding to all parties.

Article 6: Workplace environment and safety

If so desired the intern may inform Stagebureau Sint Maarten of any medical conditions he or she may have.

The intern can count on a work place/ environment that is in accordance with the norms of the general working standards and employment legislation.

The intern will be obliged to follow all rules, requirements and provisions as given by the employer and/ or principal in the interest of order, safety and health.

Article 7: Compensation fee for mediation and/ or facilitation

The intern to be will be obliged to pay the compensation fee (if applicable), upon the signing of the internship contract, to Stagebureau Sint Maarten. The contract will be final after the fee has been received.

Article 8: Duration of the assignment, method of termination

 The internship assignment is valid for the term that has been agreed to in the internship agreement.

Premature cancellation is possible:

  1. In the case of mutual agreement of parties
  2. In the case of passing of the intern
  3. In the case of bankruptcy or termination of the private entity/client.
  4. In case of compelling cases, after detailed consultation between involved parties.
  5. In case of non-performance of either parties.

Article 9: Insurances

 Intern should provide for own insurance for healthcare costs and legal liability. In the case of a collective invalidity insurance for all employees, the intern also has to be included in the collective insurance.

Article 10: Liability

Stagebureau Sint Maarten carries no liability for any loss or damage caused by intern to client and/or third parties.

Neither does Stagebureau Sint Maarten carry liability for any obligations/agreements entered into by the intern or those that have been entered into by intern on behalf of the internship organisation.

Article 11: Guidance

The principal and/ or internship organisation will be obliged to guide the intern with accomplishing his or her study goals and to make it possible that the research as stated in the internship contract can be conducted.

Stagebureau Sint Maarten will provide (future) interns with all relevant aspects in relation tot the cooperation with the principal. To ensure this an external supervisor will be named (by the principal).

Next tot this Stagebureau Sint Maarten will also mediate in finding housing and accomodation on Sint Maarten.

Article 12: Legal title intern

For the duration of the internship the intern will remain a student of the educational institution. The intern is not an employer as stated in the Civil Code.

Article 13: Disability and leave

 On the first day of incapacity, the intern has to report sick at the internship organisation (with supervisor). If the intern is unable to work more than one day, the intern is also obliged to report sick with Stagebureau Sint Maarten on the second day of incapacity. On this second day, the intern has to visit the general practitioner to request a sick note. The sick note and (possible) medication also has to be reported to Stagebureau Sint Maarten and the internship organisation.

The duration of the internship consists of a net amount of weeks. When leave or incapacity affects this amount, the intern has to make up for the lost time or a certain amount of the internship compensation will be deducted accordingly.

Article 14: Confidentiality

The intern will be obliged to keep confidential everything that comes to/ will be disclosed to him or her in confidentiality by the principal and/ or employer for the duration of the internship.

Article 15: Derogations

 In case of an individual cooperation agreement between a given educational institution and Stagebureau Sint Maarten different provisions may be applicable. It is the responsibility of the institution in question to inform her students of this.