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'You remain in the driver's seat at all times'

Stagebureau Sint Maarten played a substantial part in my successful internship experience.The agency’s service was a relief in my long search of work. Furthermore, the communication is effective and prompt which I’m sure anyone who has to deal with internship providers that take an absurd length of time to reply are familiar with. Most of all, I appreciate the investment in ensuring that you are comfortable at your internship.

After months of searching for internship location I got into contact with Stagebureau. After several weeks they managed to connect me to the Red Cross. The advantage of Stageureau is that they already have a connection with most businesses. This bridged connection makes it easier for potential places of internship to consider your portfolio. 

Once you clearly communicate your internship goals and requirement rest assured that the agency will do its upmost best to make sure that the businesses develop tasks and assignments that match what your goals. In other words, do not fall into the trap of thinking that finding a good internship via an agency will reduce your input. You remain in the driver’s seat at all times. I was impressed by Stage’s contact response time. They would quickly answer within 1 or two days for simple questions and within a week for questions that need a more elaborate answer. Even when there are times that seem to stand still, you are informed to as the status of your application to companies. This timely communication allowed me to adapt my internship plans and strategies for my stay on Sint Maarten and allowed me to maintain a credible and impressive image to my university. After all, it is hard to plan for your internship period when you have no clue what is going on.

  ‘Glimmer of sulk’

               I had the fortune of being raised on Sint Maarten and stayed at my family. However, the Stagebureau picks you up at the airport and enlightens you on how optimize your stay on the island. I found it helpful that on my first internship day, Stagebureau went with me to my internship to help establish expectations between the Red Cross and I. It was so unfortunate that Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria came and damaged the island. However, we were informed by the agency how to prepare for the super storm as well as being inquired on the state of our well-being after the hurricanes passed. I was concerned that Stage would take on the “controlling parent” role which would just have been so frustrating. However they give you time and space to yourself. You are totally allowed to focus on your internship and your own personal affairs. My internship experience was filled with ups and downs. This was a real eye opener about the “Real “world and also myself. The working atmosphere varies greatly from the college atmosphere. It did get to me: the commitment, the consistency, the atmosphere. My personal weaknesses were exposed. As you can imagine that felt horrible, and my esteem was lowered. After self-loathing I remembered, pressure can destroy things but pressure can also create diamonds. It was my choice to glimmer instead of sulking.

Should I be sheepish to admit that I always saw the adult version of myself as a super mature, extra impressive, peerless leader in the community?  I was not even close to that. Realize this, the early 20s is the perfect time to realize your weaknesses and be exposed.  Think about this, why should you be the best leader? What business do you have being the best or even good? Do not think I am saying that you shouldn’t have expectations for yourself. Just remember that while you seek to achieve to be a better version of yourself remember life is about taking steps at a time. It is human to fall and even more human to ask for help walking (after all, do you know any baby that learned to walk without help).

‘Anything is possible’

               My internship lasted for 10 weeks. I was tasked with writing a disaster plan for the organization. That was a vital skill that I learned as I can carry it into my field of study which is International Development: focusing on Disaster Management. As you can imagine, the news of the monstrous Irma placed the organization in a state of serious thoughts. However, we were up to the tasks. Some people returned to the Netherlands and I perfectly understand that. Yet, how would it look if one who is studying Disaster Management leaves during a disaster? Observing the adverse state of the island and the toll on the infrastructure and the island, those thoughts got to me as well. But remember what we learned about pressure?               

My daily tasks altered slightly, from being at shelters, to helping at distribution sites, and even learning how to drive a forklift, I got an insight as to what life in this field could look like. There are also more personal adventures but I will let that be my secret. You should feel excited to go on your own special adventures. Despite the different tasks I still managed to finish the Disaster Plan as expected.  I quote the words of the energetic athlete Kevin Garett, “anything is possible”. My internship period was a special chapter in my life that I have cherished and contributed to getting me closer to that image of myself that I know I can be.  In closing I say that the work life requires so much from you and the thought of it is overwhelming. You do not have to do it all at once; but as the adage says, life’s a cinch when you take it inch by inch.